Safety First

Sales Of Safety Equipment

Outright purchase is often the most economical and efficient method of having instant availability of safety equipment. Safety First can offer the right advice and service when considering buying. Because we also hire, it puts us in a strong position to recommend products based on our experience of fitness for purpose, reliability, durability etc. When extra supplies are required, hiring the same tool that you have purchased helps familiarity with the functions, a key point in safety.

We will always offer products with two key points in mind;

  • Are they suitable for all the critical applications they are intended to be used for both at present and in the future?
  • Are they built to a standard that will be robust and reliable enough for the very worst of conditions that our customers may encounter?

Safety First also will calibrate and repair most types of equipment and provide short term hiring options if required to cover this period.

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Safety First...Peace of Mind...Comes as Standard .